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8 Rare Coins That Could Make You Millioner

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8 Rare Coins That Could Make You Millioner

The next time you decide to put all your spare change into the nearest Coinstar machine, take a moment to sift through it. You could be sitting on some extremely valuable coins that could help you build wealth and not even know it.

Whether you’re a coin collector or simply wondering if you’re sitting on a small fortune, here are some highly coveted rare coins worth millions of dollars:

8 Rare Coins That Could Make You Millioner
8 Rare Coins That Could Make You Millioner
  1. 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar: Minted in 1794 and 1795, this rare coin is one of the most expensive coins in the world. Originally based on the Spanish Dollar, as evidenced by its size and weight, there are only about 150 to 200 of these coins left. Its original worth was $1, but it’s now valued at an astonishing $7,750,000.
  2. 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle: Originally, there were about 445,500 of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coins, though they never officially circulated. Now, only 13 known coins remain, one of which is privately owned. The 1933 version of this coin is perhaps the rarest and most sought-after one of all. The only privately-owned one is held by Stuart Weitzman. It was last valued at $7,500,000 compared to its original $20 value.
  3. 1913 5C Liberty Head Nickel: With only five known coins remaining, the Liberty Head V Nickel is both extremely rare and highly sought-after. These coins have changed hands several times and have been named for the coin collectors who acquired them. They’re known as the Norweb, Eliasberg, Walton, McDermott, and Olsen pieces. These coins don’t officially exist in the United States Mint, but that doesn’t keep them from being valuable. They’re valued at about $4,750,000.
  4. 1804 Silver Dollar Original — Class I: Despite their name, these rare coins weren’t officially minted until 1834 or beyond. There are three distinct classes for this coin, each of which was constructed slightly differently. For instance, Class I has lettered edges but doesn’t have a rust pit. Class II has plain edges, while Class III has both lettered edges and a rust pit. There are currently eight known Class Is, one Class II, and six Class IIIs. This particular rare coin is valued at $6,750,000.
  5. 1787 $15 Brasher, Breast Punch: These rare coins feature the initials “EB” on the breast of an eagle — for Ephraim Brasher. Only a handful remain today. This coin initially cost $15. In 2011, one of these coins sold for $7.4 million. Another version of it sold for $2,415,000 in 2005.
  6. 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar: Valued at just over $6 million dollars, the Umayyad gold dinar is extremely rare and highly coveted by coin collectors everywhere.

Remember, these coins aren’t just pieces of metal; they’re pieces of history and intrigue. So, the next time you find a coin in your pocket, take a closer look — it might just be a hidden treasure

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