1,600-year-old coin discovered in Channel Islands

Archaeologists find two Roman coins on the Channel Islands. One features a young caesar, the other a Roman emperor slain by invading Goths 

A thin silver “antoninianus” from A.D. 255 depicts Valerian II, a teenage assistant emperor who met an untimely end 

In later layers, a bronze coin of co-emperor Valens (A.D. 364–367) was found. Valens famously fell to the Goths at the Battle of Adrianople in Turkey 

Alderney has been inhabited for millennia, with Iron Age burials and Roman structures uncovered 

These coins whisper tales of power, ambition, and treachery across the waves of time. 

The ancient coins reveal a slice of history, connecting us to those who once walked these shores.

As excavations continue, more secrets await discovery on this windswept island.