Ben Affleck on Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Bananas’ Fame 

Ben Affleck reminisces about meeting Jennifer Lopez during her peak fame. “She was like a comet,” he says.

Affleck describes the frenzy at movie premieres. “Cameras flashed, fans screamed—J.Lo owned it all.” 

“Her concerts were electric,” Affleck recalls. “People went bananas for her music.” 

Everywhere she went, paparazzi followed,” Affleck chuckles. “It was bananas!

“J.Lo was unstoppable,” he says. “Award shows were her playground

Affleck admits, “Our relationship was intense. The world couldn’t get enough. 

Her style was legendary,” Affleck adds. “J.Lo made headlines with every outfit.” 

Jennifer Lopez left an indelible mark,” Affleck concludes. “Her fame? Truly bananas.