How to Keep Crawfish Alive 

Crawfish season is here! To keep these critters kicking, start with fresh, lively mudbugs 

Buy from reputable dealers—avoid mud-covered or sluggish crawfish. They should be translucent and active. 

You’ve got 24 hours to cook 'em. Within 48 hours, they’ll start spoiling. Keep 'em cool but not freezing. 

Place the mesh bag of crawfish in a cooler lined with newspaper. Sprinkle them with water. Cover with a wet towel. 

Avoid direct sunlight and never submerge them underwater—they breathe air through their gills. 

Keep the temperature between 36-46°F (2-7°C). An old T-shirt or burlap sack works as a cover.  

Remember, freshness matters! Live crawfish mean tender, lobster-like meat. No dead ones in the pot