Eugenie’s Inspiring Scar Reveal 

Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, proudly shares her 2018 royal wedding photos, revealing her spinal surgery scar.  

Eugenie’s bridal gown didn’t hide her scar from scoliosis surgery at age 12. She embraces it! 

On International Scoliosis Awareness Day, Eugenie encourages others to be proud of their scars.  

Scars tell stories—Eugenie believes in breaking taboos. Her low-back wedding dress showcased her journey.  

Eugenie thanks doctors, nurses, and researchers at Scoliosis Support & Research. 

Eugenie’s scar reveal touched hearts worldwide. Her custom ivory gown was a symbol of strength. 

Eugenie honored her NHS surgeons by inviting them to her Windsor wedding. 

Eugenie’s scar inspires others to embrace their uniqueness