Rare error Lincoln penny sells for $2,100 

A recent auction saw a seemingly ordinary Lincoln penny fetch a whopping $2,100 

It wasn't your average penny. This one had a rare "error," a mistake made during the minting process.  

These errors can happen in a few ways, like a double image or a missing element. The rarer the mistake, the more valuable the coin becomes!  

Now you might be wondering if your pocket change holds hidden treasure. Here's how to find out!

First, inspect your Lincoln penny closely. Look for any doubling, missing details, or unusual markings on the design.

Certain years are more prone to errors than others. Research online to see if your penny's date coincides with known error years.  

If you suspect you have a valuable error penny, don't try to sell it yourself just yet. Consult a professional coin grader to verify its authenticity and worth.  

keen eye, you might just discover a valuable piece of history hiding in your pocket change! pen_spark