Six of the Most Valuable Coins in Circulation 

1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Penny: Worth $60 to $115 in good condition, but a gem sold for $5,0521.  

Pre-1965 Washington Quarter: Commonly sell for $16 to $165, depending on condition1.  

1976-S Bicentennial Washington Quarter: Worth $12 to $400 in good shape

2004 Wisconsin Quarter with Extra Leaf: Even circulated, they’re valuable (up to $300), and pristine ones can fetch $6,0001.  

1996-W Roosevelt Dime: The 1996-W dime commemorates the design’s 50th anniversary. While common, this variation is special. 

1913 Liberty Head Nickel (Bonus): Only five exist, and one sold for $4.2 million in 2022.